What’s Happening in Ms. Fox’s Class?

  • What’s Happening in Our Class?


    Language Arts: Five new WWW’s are being introduced this week. They are: friend, them, girl, when, best. Please review these Word Wall Words at home. We will be working on ai pattern words. The rule for these words is “when two vowels go walking the first does the talking”. We will work on comprehension skills using the story, “Turkey Trouble.” In writing, we will work on our last week for organizing our writing using beginning, middle, and end.

    Math:  We are finishing our two week unit on fractions this week. The students will need to be able to choose the fraction that shows parts shaded and unshaded for parts of a whole and fractions of a set. They will also need to be able to identify equal and unequal parts.

    Social Studies:  We are finishing our two week unit on timelines. The students have constructed timelines of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s life. This week we will construct Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver’s life timelines. On Friday they will need to make a timeline of our school day.  You could review this information prior to Friday, with your student. The following information will be included on the timeline:

    1st Arrive at School

    2nd Reading

    3rd Specials

    4th Lunch

    5th Math

    6th Recess

    7th Unit (Science and Social Studies)

    8th Go Home

    Please bring a snack every day!

    If you have not already turned in your Famous American project please turn it in ASAP.

Mark Your Calendars!


  • Wednesday, November 18
    • Interims go home
  • November 25-27
    • Thanksgiving Break J

Other Tidbits . . .

  • We will not have homework next week November 23-27 due to Thanksgiving Break.
  • When we return I will begin reassessing students for their new Fountas and Pinnell levels. Due to this testing we will not have an A-Z Reader until further notice. Please note we DO have an A-Z reader this week though.